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Norwegian Centre for Clinical Cancer Research

Matrix has an overall ambition to extend the lives and improve the quality of life of patients with hard-to-treat cancers.

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Our mission

Matrix is a national research centre with an over-all ambition to help patients with hard-to-treat cancers to live longer with better quality of life. The Centre will actively involve patients in treatment decisions. Altogether, fifteen hospitals and a number of research environments across Norway are included.

The Centre will develop precision diagnostics and treatment, and treatment that is adapted to molecular changes in tumours. Patient-centred care pathways will be developed ensuring that the “patient’s voice” is fully integrated into the entire course of treatment. Matrix will collaborate closely with ongoing large national precision cancer medicine initiatives, national tumour groups, national initiatives in patient-centred care and the unique infrastructure for clinical trials to facilitate development and implementation of next-generation cancer care. The Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Cancer Society are funding the Centre.

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Improved diagnostics (incl. pathology and radiology)

Matrix is developing new diagnostic methods in molecular profiling (-omics), drug sensitivity screening, immune system characterization, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for analysis of images and clinical real-world data. The Centre collaborates closely with the national network for precision diagnostics (InPreD). This enables systematic and rapid testing of the clinical benefit of diagnostic tools in new clinical trials.

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More clinical studies and precise treatment

The Centre develops and tests new treatment strategies in clinical trials with an aim to contribute to an increased volume of precision medicine, patient-centred care, including symptom and function improvements as well as cell therapy studies in Norway. This applies not only to the final phase, but also in early lines of treatment. Patients from all of Norway should have the opportunity to participate in studies.

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Patient follow-up and patient participation is central

There is a need for tools that ensure that the patient's needs and preferences are integrated into treatment decisions. Matrix will develop and implement digital patient-centred care pathways, with evidence-based content that secures treatment and follow-up tailored to the individual patient. Matrix collaborates closely with the European Palliative Care Research Center and the EU-funded MyPath project.



Matrix will make use of and build on already ongoing initiatives in Norway within precision cancer medicine and patient-centred care. The overall aim is to make Norway world-leading in precision cancer research, treatment and care. Matrix will:

Build competence and experience with next-generation diagnostics and treatment by conducting a number of clinical trials. Patients will be recruited at hospitals all over the country.

Facilitate advanced clinical trials by establishing a Clinical Trial Engine for handling regulatory, logistical and clinical needs. The Centre will also contribute to training of study personnel.

Establish a systemic pipeline for development of new diagnostic, treatment and digital solutions, testing in clinical trials and implementation in the health care system.

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