The Norwegian Centre for Clinical Cancer Research has partners and study sites across all four health regions in Norway. Matrix is managed and coordinated from Oslo University Hospital. Altogether, fifteen hospitals with cancer departments (see national clinical network) as well as the University of Oslo and OsloMet are partners in Matrix.

The Norwegian Centre for Clinical Cancer Research has an overall ambition to extend the lives and improve the quality of life of patients with hard-to-treat cancers. Matrix will develop and test new precision diagnostic and treatment options, and the aim is for patients to be able to participate in clinical trials as close as possible to their homes.

Matrix will contribute to increase the volume of precision medicine, patient-centred treatment and cell therapy studies in Norway. The goal is that the design of the Centre will benefit more patients with aggressive cancer by allowing inclusion in clinical trials in earlier treatment lines. Furthermore, as a result of advanced diagnostics, one can provide an even more precise treatment than is currently the case.

The Centre collaborates with and builds on already ongoing initiatives in precision cancer medicine and patient-centred care, and the aim is to make Norway world-leading in precision cancer research, treatment and care.

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St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim
St. Olavs Hospital
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Stavanger Universitetssykehus
Years of Centre funding (2022-2030)
Hospitals across Norway included
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Research groups across Norway involved
PhD and researcher positions funded directly by Matrix
Million NOK external funding secured since 2022

Oslo University Hospital is the host institution of Matrix.

MATRIX National Management Team Management Team Board SAB Diagnostics & Biomarkers WP1 Tumor-Directed Treatment WP2 Patient-Centred Care WP3 Clinical TrialEngine WP4 Research Council & Cancer Society Host Institution Oslo University Hospital Health Care Implementation WP5

Centre Management Team

The Centre Management Team takes care of the day-to-day running of Matrix and consists of:

The Extended National Management Team coordinates activities in the five work packages in Matrix and ensures national participation and engagement. The members of this team must therefore represent all four health regions in Norway. Among the tasks of the national management team is assessment of trial proposals and approving the initiation of new clinical trials within Matrix.

The extended national management team consists of:

Åslaug Helland
Oslo University Hospital
Stein Kaasa
Oslo University Hospital
Kjetil Taskén
Oslo University Hospital
Jon Amund Kyte
Oslo University Hospital
Hege Russnes
Oslo University Hospital
Kyrre E. Emblem
Oslo University Hospital
Marianne J. Hjermstad
Oslo University Hospital
Egil Blix
University Hospital North-Norway
Åsmund Flobak
St. Olav University Hospital
Line Bjørge
Haukeland University Hospital
Bjørnar Gilje
Stavanger University Hospital
Emiel Janssen
Stavanger University Hospital
Jo-Åsmund Lund
Ålesund Hospital
Ørnulf Paulsen
Telemark Hospital

Matrix Board

The board is, in collaboration with the Centre Management, responsible for the Centre’s overall coordination and progress. Furthermore, the board must ensure that the interactions between the project management and collaboration partners works well.

The chair of the Matrix board is Sigbjørn Smeland, Head of the Cancer Clinic at Oslo University Hospital. All consortium participants can appoint one member each to the board. In addition, relevant patient organizations are also represented. Furthermore, the centre director and deputy director participate in board meetings.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The main mission of the Matrix Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is to offer academic and strategic advice as well as benchmark the performance of the Centre internationally. The SAB consists of internationally renowned clinicians and researchers with expertise in precision medicine and cancer research.

The following experts constiute the MATRIX SAB:

Professor Irene Higginson, PhD, Kings College London, UK
Professor Janne Lehtiö
, PhD, Karolinska Institut, Sweden
Professor Sonja Loges, MD, PhD, University Medical Center Mannheim/German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany
Peter Hall, PhD, Reader, Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Professor Ahmad H. Awada, Jules Bordet Cancer Insitute, Brussels, Belgium

Consortium Participants

In addition to Oslo University Hospital as host institution, Matrix consists of sixteen consortium participants:

Host Institution
Oslo University Hospital
Other Consortium Members
University Hospital North-Norway
Sørlandet Hospital
Nordland Hospital
Telemark Hospital
Levanger Hospital
Vestfold Hospital
St. Olav University Hospital
Innlandet Hospital
Ålesund Hospital
Stavanger University Hospital
Førde Hospital
Østfold Hospital
Haukeland University Hospital
University of Oslo
Haugesund Hospital
There are currently no open positions.