PCM4EU podcast series about cross-border access to clinical trials

Dec 13, 2023 4:21 PM
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Dec 13, 2023 4:21 PM

New podcast episodes focusing on cross-boarder access to clinical trials available.

PCM4EU is happy to announce that around 40 podcast episodes and replays from webinars are now available both on the PCM4EU YouTube channel and on our training webpages.

The latest addition is a series of episodes on cross-border access, including an interview with Ingrid Klingman, Chairman of the Board of the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice, about the EU Cross-Border Trial Initiative, EU-X-CT (Episode 34). Furthermore, Warnyta Minnaard, Co-founder of Missie Tumor Onbekend & World CUP, shares her experience of Cancer of Unknown Primary and talks about the importance of patient advocacy associations (Episode 33). Bettina Ryll, Founder of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe and work package leader in both PCM4EU and PRIME-ROSE, in episode 32 talks about why DRUP-like clinical trials are relevant for the European cancer patient community. Finally, one episode addresses EU perspectives on the organisation of cross-border access and continuity of care for oncology patients in Europe (Episode 35 with Bettina Ryll, Ulrik Lassen and Katriina Jalkanen). Two more episodes about cross-border access will also be launched soon, so please check out our channels regularly!

We encourage you to subscripbe to the PCM4EU YouTube channel if you are interested in precision cancer medicine!


PCM4EU podcast series about cross-border access to clinical trials

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