PCM4EU is dedicated to disseminate information about precision cancer medicine (PCM) to a broad audience across Europe, including patients, healthcare workers and the general public. The project is therefore focusing on enabling access to simple and didactic training on PCM both for a broad patient population as well as for practitioners from different EU countries. Furthermore, the consortium wishes to contribute to the training of next-generation oncologists across Europe.

Training Resources

PCM4EU is preparing a series of training sessions, both physical meetings and digital events, courses and podcasts. Furthermore, online tools to guide both patients and physicians on how to access precision cancer medicine will be made available regularly.

PCM4EU will produce a collection of videos and audios about precision cancer medicine. Links to podcast episodes will be made available here regularly.

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Department of Medical Oncology
Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
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Funded by the European Union

Grant no. 101079984