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PRIME-ROSE Unlocking the Power of Connectivity: Advancing Data Sharing

April, 2024 – PRIME-ROSE, funded under the Horizon EU Cancer Mission, gathered together with the PCM4EU program, to meet in person at lovely Porto. The event was hosted by one of the consortium members, IPOPorto.

We are excited to share that the Data Sharing Platform has been established while we continue to standardize and harmonize the differences between trial databases. The platform serves as a basis for a valuable collaboration for cohort updates, accelerating the decision making towards meaningful data.

The combined cohorts will form future expansion cohorts with coordinating efforts from different stakeholders. In the project, we will also form synthetic cohorts where plans are forming up already, generating a simulated group to be compared with the real cohort. The expansion cohorts will also use health-related Quality of Life (hrQoL) endpoints.

EU Implementation in Everyday Practice

PRIME-ROSE will establish the groundwork for an EU compendium, aiming to standardize, regulate, and facilitate off-label use in oncology while also outlining the reimbursement system requirements across participating countries. Data collection is underway for further analysis and categorization.

The DRUG Access protocol (DAP) in the Netherlands has been developed to collect effectiveness data and to provide access to drugs awaiting regulatory approval and reimbursement.

Key principles of HTA regulation were deliberated upon to grasp their implications for oncologic drugs and future outcomes.

Collaboration with industry stakeholders promises fresh avenues for advancement in our work.

Our collaborative endeavors are unequivocally driving forward the advancement of data-driven innovation.

Consortium meeting in Porto

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