PRIME-ROSE - Outcome

PRIME-ROSE activities are organized in eight work packages. Here we will publish results from each of the work packages regularly, including white papers, reports, scientific publications, podcast episodes and press releases. Stay tuned and follow the progress of the project.

Data Aggregation

WP1 will build a platform to aggregate data from each participating institution. This will constitute the foundation of evidence generation in the project, and the platform will feed the other work packages.

Control Cohorts

WP2 will generate multiple synthetic control arms and randomise a fixed treatment arm to these. This will allow us to evaluate clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness by established methods.

Expansion Cohorts

WP3 aims to initiate and run expansion cohorts that are designed based on data from WP1. Moreover, biomarkers and endpoints will be refined in these cohorts to meet clinical needs and develop PCM treatment further.

Drug Repurposing

WP4 will address early access and off-label reimbursement systems in Europe. This work package will also study disparity and inequality in access to off-label use.

EU Implementation

WP5 aims to provide additional necessary documentation for local decision makers to assess and implement new drugs based on our results from WP3 and WP4.

Social Innovation

WP6 collaborates on patient utilities of trial outcomes to provide a better understanding of how certain outcomes impact patients. This ensures that long-term, clinical trials capture outcomes that not only prolong but truly improve the lives of patients.

Project Management

WP7 will manage the project and coordinate with national PCM initiatives to ensure that scientific progress rapidly benefits patients.


WP8 is responsible for the stakeholder engagement strategy as well as dissemination of project outputs in an effective, timely and targeted way.

PRIME-ROSE Output Archive

Below, you can find material produced by each of the PRIME-ROSE work packages.

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