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PRIME-ROSE is present at the ESMO 2023 congress

PRIME-ROSE will be presented in the ESMO poster exhibition, 1711P - The DRUP-like clinical trials family: A distributed European trial network for equitable access to precision medicine.

With a successful start for the five-year collaboration among 24 partners across Europe, the PRIME-ROSE network collaboration will introduce its concept towards precision medicine (PCM). The project is coordinated by Professor Kjetil Taskén from Oslo University Hospital and Hans Gelderblom from Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and will address key scientific and methodological questions to accelerate broad and equitable access to new and effective cancer treatments across Europe.

PRIME-ROSE consists of separate precision cancer medicine DRUP-like trials that will share and aggregate data, thus having a higher impact on patient care by cross-border collaboration. PRIME-ROSE collaborates closely with the EU4Health project PCM4EU, that in particular focuses on precision cancer medicine diagnostics. As the community of the PCM and DRUP-like clinical trials is growing, we are also gathering for a get-together meeting during ESMO to discuss ongoing DRUP-like trials and developments.

Hans Gelderblom from Leiden, The Netherlands, PRIME-ROSE co-coordinator, will be presenting the PRIME-ROSE poster on Sunday 22nd October.  

Hans Gelderblom concludes: “Opening the possibilities for wider collaboration across Europe will serve patients for more equitable access for treatments, but also confirm the science and give wider use of treatments already in the market. Together we have more power for tackling inequalities”.


DRUP-like trials to  be presented at the 2023 ESMO Congress:

1711P - The DRUP-like clinical trials family: a distributed European trial network for equitable access to precision medicine

716TiP - DETERMINE: A pioneering UK precision medicine trial for rare cancers

706P - The IMPRESS-Norway trial: Improving public cancer care by implementing precision cancer medicine in Norway - Safety analysis of the first 126 patients included in the trial

1710P - Protocol waivers and consequences on treatment safety and efficacy in the Drug Rediscovery Protocol (DRUP)

1392P - Safety and efficacy of crizotinibin MET mutated (METmut) advanced non-small cell lung Cancer (aNSCLC): Results from the Drug Rediscovery Protocol (DRUP)

1235P - Enrichment of rare cancers in pragmatic precision cancer medicine trial: Experience from IMPRESS-Norway

1252P - Quantitative cell signaling activity profiling of solid tumors to support personalized treatment in the FINPROVE basket trial: Presentation of skin tumor data

213P - Unlocking cancer treatment opportunities by population-based advanced diagnostics in Norway

1723P - Improving access to molecular tumour boards for complex genomic profiles: A healthcare policy from the Netherlands


For further information: Live Fagereng, project manager or Katriina Jalkanen, communications

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